Damini | 10 years
Konsultuppdrag kring Serena Business manager.
SBM, Serena Business Manager, Serena, consultant, Sweden, Change management, Process, Uthyrning hästsläp stockholm, ifor Williams
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30 Jul 10 years

In July 2005 I registered Damini AB as a company. It would be a few more months before I actively started working in the company, that way we can celebrate this aniversery all year long.

From the start in 2005 I have worked with Serena Software and their product SBM (Serena Business Manager). Then, in 2005 it was TeamTrack and I had already installed it at Scania that was then a customer at Datab where I was empoyed. Scania has also been with me during all of this time and is still a customer. Some customers has come and gone but most of them are still customers, more or less active.

In the beginning I did go to boot camps and trainings and expanded my knowledge. I was worried that the assignments would not be enough but exept for some smaller .NET assignments I have been living on my special knowledge about Serena Business Manager. It is a great tool to work with and I am very fortunate to have a good working relationship with Serena Software and all of my customers!

I hope that I will have at least another 10 years with existing and new customers.